Coded UI : Hand-Coding based on "Page Object Model"

Coded UI is a User Interface (UI) Test Automation Tool that comes with Microsoft Visual Studio which can be used to automate our manual, repetitive and regression tests thereby increase productivity of Testing teams.

Last few weeks I was able to work with Coded UI with VS 2012 and here I'd like to share few experience I gathered during the project.

Generating code with Test builder

Coded UI comes with built-in Test building features where a tester just have to invoke the test builder in back ground and execute the testing scenarios in the application under test. The test builder is capable of generating the code for the recorded scenario and you are done. Now its ready to play it back. Quite simple and convenient for a non-coding tester. But the main drawback of this method is that the maintainability and readability of the code is extremely difficult due to reasons like, huge number of code being generated (most of which are redundant), the naming convention is quite complex, if you have to modify your test steps, then it becomes a nightmare for the tester.


This is the approach That I was interested in when the above factors are taken in to account. Even though this method is time consuming and initially difficult, I believe its a good investment for creating a sustainable test suite which is more flexible and maintainable.

 following is an extract of a presentation created by me based on the experience I gathered during this period

 A word on CUITe...


  1. Excellent article about the basics of 'Coded UI'
    I felt happy to see this blog..Good start

    Keshav M

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