My new D-Link ADSL single port router is at service now

Today I bought a new D-Link ADSL router (My old Pro-link was no longer at service. It has been working for around 2 and half years and start giving problems recently) from a retail shop and had to spent around 3 hours configuring it until I was able to successfully access Internet. Setup was quite different from previous Pro-Link one, and it was not as straight forward as previous. Pro-Link set-up was quite user-friendly for sure.

If you live in Sri Lanka and use SLT ADSL line, following config details may helpful. Things may change if these values are not similar.

Router Model- D-Link DSL-2520U

Use the provided CD to setup initially.Once you go ahead with the setup wizard, you will come across a screen  where you will need to enter ISP details.

  • Select a country - (ex:Indian. I could not find Sri Lanka there)
  • ISP- select 'other'
  • Protocol-PPPOE
  • Encapsulation-LLC
  • VPI-8
  • VCI-35
Then in the next step, enter user-name and password that was provided by ISP.

Once done go to and do a diagnostic to see the configurations are correct and all tests passed under "ISP' section. By the time it is done you should see that the indicators of the Router are illuminati(STATUS,LAN or USB, DSL, INTERNET)

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