Generating JMeter reports using Ant

One of the easiest ways is to make use of "extra" folder comes with JMeter. 

1. Download Apache Ant and update user variable 'Path" pointing to the Ant installation 
2. Go to %jMeter_Installation%/extras, and then copy your .jmx (JMeter script) file there 
3. Using CMD prompt, execute like this 
D:\JMeter\apache-jmeter-2.7\extras>ant -Dtest=comprezzer.jmx’ 
with –Dtest switch, you point to your Jmeter script file 

If it is successful, you will get a html file created with the result (ex: comprezzer.jmx.html)

%jMeter_Installation%/extras contains necessary artifacts to run ant and generate the report. 

In build.xml, you can change the source and destination file locations if you want

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