Generating a load of e-mails using JMeter (SMTP requests with MailEnable e-mail server)

Last week, in my project I had a requirement to generate a large number of e-mails to test a scenario. I was wondering what tool or method(whether to write a batch process, or use any outlook tweak for this) I can use for this and just clicked that JMeter can be used for this purpose.

I use "MailEnable" free version (http://www.mailenable.com/standard_edition.asp) as my e-mail server for my testing purposes along with Exchange. 

JMeter is a wonderful tool that it gives number of different samplers out of the box that can be used for sending requests. So I used SMTP request for this purpose.

Just fill up Server,Port, From and To address and a subject to the email. It works like a charm with MailEnable.

Its a simple way to create load of e-mails.

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